in travel and air travel(航空旅行)_300字

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Air travel has two advantages compared with train travel. It’s very fast and comfortable and we can have a good rest in the plane. But air travel is very expensive.

Not only do we cost less when we travel by train but we can also see much good scenery. Take the trip from Beijing to Guangzhou for example if we go there by train it costs us about 250 yuan and we will spent about 24 hours on the travel. Besides it is very crowed and we may not have a good rest. But we can see much good scenery along the way.

If we go there by air it only takes us two hours and it costs at least 900 yuan. It’s also very fast and comfortable and we will have a good rest as well. On the contrary we will miss much beautiful scenery.

However different people like different ways of traveling. People will choose the best way which is suitable for them to travel.